Barfield DPS-500 Air Data Test Set RVSM

Druck ADTS-405F Air Data Test Set RVSM

Druck / GE Sensing ADTS-552F GE Pitot Static Tester

DMA Aero MPS-34C Air Data Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex IFR-6000 +OPT2 +OPT3 NAV/COMM Test Set W/ TCAS & ADS-B

Teledyne 30100 Portable Data Loader

Honeywell ADT-222B Air Data Test Set System

Barfield DPS-450 Air Data Test Set RVSM

IFR / Aeroflex GPSG-1000 GPS Satellite Simulator

IFR / Aeroflex 6845R Microwave System Simulator Analyzer

Druck / GE Sensing ADTS-542F GE Wireless Pitot Static Test Set

Chadwick 8500C+ Balancer/Analyzer w/ Standard Accessories

IFR / Aeroflex IFR 3550R Radio Communication Test System

IFR / Aeroflex ATC-1400A-2 DME/Transponder Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex MLS-800 Ground Station Simulator

IFR / Aeroflex ATC-1400A DME/Transponder Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex IFR-3500A Communication Test Set

Howell Instruments H337NP-107 Engine Test Set / Analyzer (With OEM Cert)

Intercomp AC-100 Digital Weighing Scale

Barfield DPS-350 Air Data Test Set

Bendix/King KTS-151 KFC200 Flight Control System Test Set

Bendix/King KTS-147 Flight Control System Test Set

Rockwell Collins/ASI 980N-1 / ASI-203 Altimeter Test Set

Barfield DPS-400 Air Data Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex IFR-2946 Communication Service Monitor

Christie RF80-K Charger/Analyzer

Barfield 1811NG Pitot Static Test Set, Digital

Bendix/King KTS-158 Bendix King Test Set

Honeywell 289900-3 Aircraft Engine Tester

Bendix/King KTS-154 KFC 250 Autopilot Test Set

Navaids BD100-945 Air Data Acessories Kit for CL-300 BD-100

Barfield 8000 AC Fuel Quantity Test Set

AvtechTyee CTS-700 Selcal/Atscall Ramp Tester

Honeywell 909932-3-1 Engine Overspeed Tester For TFE731

Navaids ADAP3-612 Air Data Accessories kit for P3 Orion

IFR / Aeroflex ATC-1400 DME/Transponder Test Set

BF Goodrich / JC Air PSD60-1AF Capacitance Fuel Quantity Test Set

Bendix/King KTS-146 KFC 300 Flight Line Test Set PN: 071-5016-00

IFR / Aeroflex ATC-601-2 DME/Transponder Test Set

Navaids ADA4000-945HT Air Data Accessories kit for Horizon 4000

Druck / GE Sensing PV103R Pressure/Vacuum Supply Unit

Tel Instruments T-36M NAV / COMM RAMP TEST SET - US ONLY

IFR / Aeroflex GPS-101-2 GPS Satellite Simulator

IFR / Aeroflex RD-300 Radar Test Set

Navaids ADA125-945 Air Data Accessories kit for Hawker

Atlantis Avionics ARA-552 Radio Altimeter Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex COM-120B Communication Test Set

Bendix/King KTS-153 KI-525 KI525A Test Set PN: 071-5027-00

Christie RF80-H Charger/Analyzer

Bendix/King KTS-143 Silver / Gold Crown Digital Test Panel

Barfield AC2K Digital Fuel Quantity Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex S-1403/C Mode S Accessory For ATC-1400A

IFR / Aeroflex I-1402 Transponder Test Set Accessory

Bendix/King KTS-150 Auto Pilot Test Set PN: 071-5025-00

Honeywell 915-10252 Photocell System for 8500C / 192A

Barfield 2548H Fuel Quantity Tester PN: 101-00420

Avionica RSU Flight Data Recorder Data Download and Diagnostic Tool

Tel Instruments T-30D NAV / COMM RAMP TEST SET

Stormscope WX-PA Stormscope Portable Analyzer

BF Goodrich / JC Air PSD30-2G DC Capacitance Universal Fuel Quantity Test Set

Tel-Instruments (TIC) T-49C Mode S Transponder/TCAS Test Set

Druck / GE Sensing ADTS-500 GE Pitot Static Tester

Barfield 1811DAOA Pitot Static Test Set, Digital

IFR / Aeroflex NAV-402AP2 NAV/COM Ramp Test Set

Christie RF80-GT Charger/Analyzer

IFR / Aeroflex 429EN ARINC 429 EN TX/RX Databus Analyzer

Pyrometric UL-1ZE Purge Hot Bonder Composite Repair

Chadwick 177M-6A Balancing Kit

Anritsu S332D Site Master Cable and Antenna Analyzer

IFR / Aeroflex NAV-402AP NAV/COM/LOC/GS Test Set

Laversab 6000-100 Digital Pressure Meter / Pitot Static Reader

Barfield 101-00542 Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for Boeing 727,737

Marconi / Aeroflex 6200A Microwave Test Set

Chadwick 11800-3 FASTRAK Blade Tracker for 8500C

Rockwell Collins 971F-1 Autopilot Test Set

Christie CASP2000 Charger/Analyzer

Olympus IF5D4X1-14 Borescope

Barfield TT1000A Turbine Temperature Test Set

Barfield 1811GA-465 Pitot Static Test Set

Tel-Instruments (TIC) T-48D Mode S Transponder DME Test Set

Barfield 101-00855 DC400A Adapter Module Hawker 800

Rockwell Collins 479S-6A VOR / ILS Signal Generator

IFR / Aeroflex FM/AM-1200SS Communication Service Monitor 1200 Super S

Rockwell Collins 972S-1 Autopilot Ramp Test Set - PN: 622-1626-001

IFR / Aeroflex NAV-750B Bench NAV/COMM Test Set

Rockwell Collins 977B-1 Test Panel PN:777-1357-001

Cobra Systems AKMD100 Air Data Accessories Kit for MD11 / MD10

Barfield DC-400 Digital DC Fuel Quantity Test Set PN:101-00800

Olympus IF2D5-12 Borescope

IFR / Aeroflex NAV-401L NAV/COMM/ILS Test Set

Power Products CA-1550 Portable Battery Charger/Analyzer

IFR / Aeroflex FM/AM 1600S Communication Service Monitor

Druck LSU-105 Air Data Line Switching Unit

IFR / Aeroflex ATC-600A DME/Transponder Test Set

LinAire LTS-525/A Test Panel for KI525 & KI525A

IFR / Aeroflex FM/AM 1500 Communication Service Monitor

IFR / Aeroflex FM/AM-1200S Communication Service Monitor

Druck / GE Sensing DPI-145 Pressure Indicator with Aeronautics Option

Barfield 101-00805 DC400 Module BELL OH-58D

Bendix/King AMT-51A Altimeter Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex ATC-1200Y3 DME/Transponder Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex TCAS-201 TCAS Ramp Test Set

Tel-Instruments (TIC) T-33D Transponder Test Set

Astra 1125-2130-00 Astra Cabin Pressure Control Tester

IFR / Aeroflex FM/AM-500A Communication Service Monitor

Navaids ADAH1-612 Air Data Accessories kit for Bell 204/205

DSS MicroVib II DSS MicroVib II Aircfat Analyzer

Sarsat ARG5410 Beacon / ELT Tester

Avtron T477W Bonding Meter - Probes sold separately

IFR / Aeroflex COMM-760 Communication Test Set

Ballard Technology USB 429/717 ARINC 429/717 Avionics Interface

Navaids ADAG4-612 Air Data Accessory Kit for Gulfstream 4 (IV)

Michel / TKM TKM-3300 Transponder Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex A-7550 Spectrum Analyzer

HP HP-8644A Signal Generator

Barfield 101-00451 Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for Westwind

IFR / Aeroflex NAV-750BR Bench NAV/COMM Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex NAV-750A Bench NAV/COMM Test Set

Barfield 2312G-8 Turbine Test set PN: 101-00550

Barfield 2312G-22 Turbine Temperature Test Set

IFR / Aeroflex FM/AM-1000S Communication Service Monitor

Dukane 42A12D Avionics ULB Test Set

Simmonds / JC Air PSD40-521 Fuel Quantity Test Harness PN: 55-5014-00

Barffiled 101-01437 Adapter module

Artex 455-9100 Artex 406Mhz ELT Test Set

Avionics Interface USB-429-4 ARINC 429USB Interface

Barfield 101-00438 Fuel Quantity Adapter Cable

Navaids AD600-12 Air Data Accessories Kit for CL600

King Nutronics Corp 3112 KNC Portable Live Pressure Cal & Test System

Druck / GE Sensing DPI-610 Pressure Calibrator - Standard

Tektronix 1502B TDR Cable Tester

Setra SETRA 370 Digital Pressure Indicator

Simmonds / JC Air PSD40-504M Air PSD40-504M Fuel Quantity Test Harness

TKM /Michel NC2200A NAV/COMM Ramp Test Set

Barfield 101-00302 Fuel Quantity Adapter Module for Fairchild F27F

STEC 9524 Breakout box

Bendix/King KTS-148 Test Panel

Bendix/King KTS-149 Test Panel

Tel-Instruments (TIC) T-24B DME Test

Barfield 101-01185A Remote Hand Terminal for ADTS-505/DPS-450

Druck / GE Sensing DPI-601 DPI601 Digital Pressure Indicator

Bendix/King KLN90-B Tester GPS Receiver Test Panel

Tel-Instruments (TIC) T-23A ATC Ramp Test Set

Bendix/King KCA120 Test Panel PN: 071-5086-00

Rockwell Collins 440Y3 Test Adapter for 980L-1 / 1A

Boeing C34005-17 Spec Tool Extender - Radio Altimeter

IC3000 Video Inspection Tool

BF Goodrich ST-1A Stabilization Test Set

Tektronix 2336 Oscilloscope

Barfield 2643G Aircraft Fuel Gauging

Boeing ST140 Auto Pilot Test Set

Navaids PSS88340-4-4-4 Pitot Static test adapter

Navaids S34146-4 Static System testing adaptor

Olympus ALS-6250U Olympus Light Source

Bendix/King KTS-192 Antenna Simulator PN: 071-5080-00

LinAire LM-3 Marker Beacon Test Panel

CPS L790A Leak Detector

IFR / Aeroflex IFR-4000 NAV/COMM Test Set


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IFR / Aeroflex Nav-750 Bench NAV/COMM Test Set


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Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Van Nuys, CA 91406 USA