Pitot Static Testers / Air Data Test Sets sales and Rental

Pitot static tester provides dependable and essential support for aircraft operators to test on-board instruments including airspeed and vertical speed indicators and altimeters. 

Pitot-static test sets, also known as air data testers, can simulate the altitude and air speed of onboard aircraft instruments and  are used for Pilot/Static leak check, static system certification and Pressurization System Troubleshooting.

RVSM Pitot static test equipment are utilized  when the aircraft is equipped with RVSM certified altimeters and autopilots.

Altimeter and static system test requirements are defined in FAA Advisory Circular AC 43.13-1B (FAR's 91.411 and 91.413).

Pitot Static Test Set

Manufacturers of Pitot Static Test Sets

At AvionTEq we carry a wide range of analog and digital non-RVSM and RVSM pitot static test sets/air data testers for sale or rental from major manufacturers like Barfield, Preston, GE/Druck, DMA Aero, Preston Pressure, ATEQ and Laversab. We also offer repair and calibration services for pitot static testers.


What is a pitot static tester used for?

Pitot-Static testers, also known as air data test sets, serve as pressure generators and measurement instruments, simulating the altitude and speed of onboard aircraft equipment. The term 'Pitot-Static' originates from the 'Pitot & Static' probes on aircraft, which are linked to the onboard equipment.

Who can perform a pitot static test?

A qualified avionics technician, an authorized aircraft maintenance technician, or a certified repair station can perform a pitot-static test on an aircraft. It's important to ensure that the individual or facility conducting the test complies with relevant aviation regulations and possesses the necessary certifications and expertise.

What are the 3 Pitot static instruments?

Three flight instruments utilize this pitot-static system: the airspeed indicator, altimeter, and vertical speed indicator.

How often is a pitot static check required?

FARs mandate biennial inspections, acknowledging potential issues over 24 months, whether flying with glass or traditional steam gauges.


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