Aviation Test Equipment from AvionTEq.com

Aviation Test Equipment from AvionTEq.com

Pitot Static Testers/Air Data Test Sets, Buy or rent, Sell or trade-in, Repair and Calibrate

Pitot static testers provide dependable and essential support for aircraft operators to test on-board instruments including airspeed and vertical speed indicators and altimeters. 

Pitot-static test sets, also known as air data testers, can simulate the altitude and air speed of onboard aircraft instruments and  are used for Pilot/Static leak check, static system certification and Pressurization System Troubleshooting.

Altimeter and static system test requirements are defined in FAA Advisory Circular AC 43.13-1B (FAR's 91.411 and 91.413).

At AvionTEq we carry a wide range of analog and digital non-RVSM and RVSM pitot static test  sets/air data testers for sale or rental from major manufacturers like Barfield, Preston, GE/Druck, DMA Aero and Laversab. We also offer repair and calibration services for pitot static testers.

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