AvionTEq Announces UTS100 Raffle Winner at AEA Convention in Dallas

The Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) Convention, held annually, serves as a premier gathering for aviation professionals worldwide to explore the latest advancements in avionics technology, network with industry peers, and engage with leading manufacturers and suppliers. This year's convention, hosted in Dallas last March, attracted a diverse array of attendees eager to stay at the forefront of aviation innovation.

AvionTEq, a leading provider of renowned aviation equipment and tooling brands such as Nav- Aids, Barfield, Flight Data Systems, CCX Technologies, Christie and JFM Engineering stood out at the AEA Convention. As a leading authority in the aviation industry, AvionTEq is committed to delivering top-of-the-line avionics products and comprehensive maintenance solutions to clients worldwide. From cutting-edge equipment to unparalleled customer service, AvionTEq continues to set the standard for excellence in aviation technology.

AvionTEq is thrilled to announce Gordon Bott of Canada West Avionics in Montreal, Canada, as the lucky winner of the UTS100 raffle. Gordon Bott, president of Canada West Avionics, expressed excitement at the prospect of incorporating the UTS100 into their aircraft maintenance operations, recognizing its potential to simplify ULB testing.

Canada West Avionics specializes in avionics solutions. From ADS-B upgrades to flight recorder support, instrument line maintenance to electronic display upgrades, they offer comprehensive services to enhance aircraft performance and safety. The company is trusted for top-notch avionics support and maintenance expertise.

The UTS100 ULB Tester is a hand-held device developed to detect ultrasonic frequencies between 20 KHZ and 100 KHZ. It is designed to test models DK100, DK120, DK130 & DK140 beacons. The tester can perform the functional checks while ULB beacon is still installed in the aircraft.

The UTS100 is user-friendly and cost-effective solution for underwater beacon testing. Known for its simplicity, the UTS100 is easy to use, making it accessible for a wide range of users. This user-friendliness not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces the learning curve for individuals utilizing the equipment.

As AvionTEq continues to push the boundaries of aviation technology, the company remains committed to supporting the success and advancement of its clients worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates from AvionTEq as we strive to shape the future of aviation through innovation and excellence.

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