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Buy, sell, trade-in or rent ARG 5410 MKII 406 Beacon Tester


Avionteq offers both new and refurbished or used ARG 5410 MKII 406 Beacon Tester for sale or rent at most competitive price. All refurbished equipment are thoroughly tested and come with our warranty and fresh calibration certificate (when required). You can also sell your excess / surplus ARG/Sartech ARG5410 or receive trade-in credit towards purchase of other test equipment.


ARG 5410 Features and Specifications *


The ARG 5410 is tested and proven worldwide as the most accurate handheld receiver that checks the correct operation of COSPAS/SARSAT distress beacons like EPIRB, ELT or PLB. It is designed with easily updateable database of country codes and comes with user friendly software to guide the operator through the test procedures, with received signals decoded into plain English.


The ARG 5410 EPIRB Tester weighs 680 grams and uses 9V Alkaline PP3 battery. The tester can be connected directly using a suitable attenuator, or will receive the radiated signal through its own antenna. Radiated tests should be carried out using the beacon's own self test mode, if provided, or a screened room or enclosure, such as Sartech FC2 or QRT101.


  • Radiated signal or 50 ohm direct input option.
  • Receives and decodes all types of COSPAS and SARSAT beacon signal.
  • Measures 406MHz carrier frequency.
  • Audible indication of 121.5 MHz operations.
  • Easily updateable database of country codes.
  • Serial data output to printer or PC.
  • Independent check of serial number and call sign.
  • "Long message" and location protocols included.
  • Full pocket computer facilities, including diary, alarm, notebook and calculator. 


* ARG 5410 technical specifications is provided for reference only. Avionteq cannot ensure accuracy of the technical specifications presented herein. The technical data may not relate entirely to all model and versions of the ARG5410 such as the models sold by Avionteq.

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