Test Equipment Support, Maintenance and Protection Plan

As a FAA certified repair station, we have an in-depth understanding of our clients' challenges and needs. One of the main challenges being faced by our client is keeping the required test equipment calibrated and in good working condition at all times in order to comply with the FAA requirements and avoid possible interruptions in the workflow. With the ADS-B mandate deadline approaching fast and growing need for avionics upgrades, it is more critical than ever to maintain a continuous work flow and prevent delays and setbacks which could lead to significant losses.

To help our client address these challenges we decided to be the first to offer an integrated solution. TEqSupport, the Test Equipment Support plan, was developed by AvionTEq in response to our clients’ demand for an integrated support, maintenance and protection plan for their pool of test equipment and tooling

With TEqSupport you will receive a full one-year warranty whether you buy a new or refurbished equipment. Additionally, to avoid any interruption in your work, you will receive a free loaner whenever your equipment fails or runs out of calibration and needs to be sent back to the lab.

When you purchase the TEqSupport, you receive one free re-calibration per year for your equipment. You will also receive a digital media containing all the certificates and documents you need to operate the unit and comply with the FAA requirements.

With TEqSupport you also receive a free subscription to MyTEq, our online test equipment management tool. MyTEq helps you increase efficiency while reducing chances of errors.

TEqSupport advantage

  • Certificate of one year warranty for the unit
  • Free loaner during calibration & repair covered by warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Certificate of free technical support for one year
  • Certificate of free re-calibration after one year
  • Free Access to MyTEq
AvionTEq: AEA 2018 New Product Introduction

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