DMA-Aero Test Equipment

With over 60 years’ experience in the aviation industry. DMA-Aero initially focuses on manufacturing test equipment to meet the aviation needs in Europe. 

Today, DMA-Aero specializes in designing and producing test equipment for various aircraft systems and components. This includes RVSM Air Data Test Sets and Systems, fly-by-wire flight control surface movement analyzers, tachometer test sets, absolute pressure calibration standards and transfer standards, tilt tables, and custom-designed equipment. This high-precision aircraft ground test equipment is utilized in over 80 countries globally by established overhaul bases, civil airlines, and general aviation entities.


Products Manufactured by DMA-Aero

AvionTEq offers refurbished and new RVSM Air Data Test Sets and Systems, Pressure Testers, Tachometers, and Turn and Tilt Tables for sale or rent from DMA-Aero.

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