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Buy, sell, trade-in or rent Viavi / Aeroflex SI-1404 MK12/Mode S IFF Accessory Unit


Avionteq offers both new and refurbished or used Viavi / Aeroflex SI-1404 MK12/Mode S IFF Accessory Unit for sale or rent at most competitive price. All refurbished equipment are thoroughly tested and come with our warranty and fresh calibration certificate (when required). You can also sell your excess / surplus Viavi / Aeroflex SI-1404 or receive trade-in credit towards purchase of other test equipment.


Viavi / Aeroflex SI-1404 Features and Specifications *

The Aeroflex SI-1404 is designed to work with the Aeroflex ATC-1400A forming a comprehensive SSR ground station simulator capable of parametric and protocol testing MK10A (Mode 1, 2, 3/A,C), MK12 (Mode 1, 2, 3/A, 4, C) and MK12/Mode S transponders.


The SI-1404 combines the features and capabilities of the S-1403DL Mode S and the I-1402 Mode 4 Accessory Units into a single easy-to-use unit. The SI-1404 can be used as a standalone unit to perform a variety of Mode 4 IFF testing. When combined with the ATC-1400A, the SI-1404 provides microprocessor controlled testing of a single diversity channel IFF transponder. The SI-1404 provides interface with KIT/KIR/KIV devices or internally generated maintenance codes for verification of IFF operation.


·     Easy-to-use menus allow rapid setup or recall of test parameters

·     GPIB interface allows rapid, automated testing of transponders and interrogators

·     4096 code encoder, altitude encoder and Mode Group delay facilitates IFF testing

·     Flash memory for easy firmware upgrades

·     Precise control of ATCRBS, Mode S and Mode 4 pulse characteristics including width, offset and amplitude

·     User defined screens for user-specific tests

·     Two Year Limited Warranty


* Viavi / Aeroflex SI-1404 technical specifications is provided for reference only. Avionteq cannot ensure accuracy of the technical specifications presented herein. The technical data may not relate entirely to all model and versions of the SI-1404 such as the models sold by Avionteq.

This product requires export license if intended for shipment outside of United States. It is responsibility of the buyer to obtain all required permits and licenses to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


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