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For over 55 years, Nav-Aids Ltd., headquartered in Montreal, Canada, have have been at the forefront of developing and supplying pitot-static test adaptors and air data accessory kits. Their expertise spans across various aircraft types, covering everything from general aviation to military and space vehicles. Operating from a modern facility close to Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport, they manufacture, assemble, and test their products. They offer a diverse range of over 500 aircraft-specific adaptors, available either individually or as part of comprehensive kits containing all necessary components. Furthermore, they provide easily replaceable spare parts and consumables, including high-temperature covers for pitot probes and static vents. Also, Nav-Aids Ltd. prides itself on its ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring adherence to stringent quality standards.

AvionTEq is an authorized distributor of Nav-Aids pitot static adapters and air data accessory kits

Pitot Static Adapters and Data Accessory Kits Manufactured by Nav-Aids

At AvionTEq, we offer new and refurbished Pitot Static Test Adaptors, and RVSM Air Data Accessories Kits for sale or rent from Nav-Aids Ltd.

Nav-Aids collaborate with probe manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers to secure the necessary approvals, ensuring the delivery of accurate products for a wide range of aircraft worldwide such as:

Civil & Transport Air Data Accessory Kits

Airbus Helicopter

Commuter & Corporate Pitot Static Adapter kits

Airbus Helicopter

Military pitot static adapters

UAVs & Spacecraft



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