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Buy, sell, trade-in or rent Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-211 Multi Function Transponder/DME Tester


Avionteq offers both new and refurbished or used Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-211 Multi Function Transponder/DME Tester for sale or rent at most competitive price. All refurbished equipment are thoroughly tested and come with our warranty and fresh calibration certificate (when required). You can also sell your excess / surplus Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-211 or receive trade-in credit towards purchase of other test equipment.


Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-211 Features and Specifications *


The TR-211 is an avionics test equipment providing capability for testing DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) and Modes A, C, and S Transponders . The TR-211 offers the transponder and DME test features found in TR-210 Multi-Function Test Set in addition to a four-line display and new hardware to support emerging European testing requirements. The TR-211 provides \ simple operation and innovative testing capability.


  • Transmits Traffic Information System (TIS) intruder flight data for four intruders
  • Receives ADS-B (1090 MHz squitter)
  • European Mode S Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance
  • Large, four-line display for easy-to-read test results
  • User-friendly operation; no searching through multiple menus
  • Performs testing requirements per FAR Part 43, Appendix F



  • Determines capability of transponder being tested (ATCRBS or Mode S) and select appropriate tests
  • Testing can be done over-the-air, using or directly connected to transponder, or using the optional TAP-200 Anti-Radiation Coupler
  • Test capability for European Mode S Elementary and Enhance Surveillance
  • Automatic or manual testing modes



  • Transmit four Intruder aircraft types to verify TIS operation
  • Receives and decodes 1090 MHz ADS-B data, including squitter type (airborne position, surface position, aircraft Ident/category, and airborne velocity). latitude/longitude, N/S velocity, E/W velocity, Flight I.D., Mode S address, altitude (GNSS or barometric), and airspeed



  • Allows testing on all channels (108.00 to 117.95 MHz)
  • Transmits DME Morse Code I.D.
  • Measures DME power, frequency, and PRF
  • User selection of DME distance and velocity


More Features

  • RS-232 connection to download results to a PC
  • Compliant with European CE standards
  • Large back-lighted, liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Automatic shut-off to preserve battery
  • Diagnostic self-test


* Tel-Instruments (TIC) TR-211 technical specifications is provided for reference only. Avionteq cannot ensure accuracy of the technical specifications presented herein. The technical data may not relate entirely to all model and versions of the TR-211 such as the models sold by Avionteq.

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