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You very rarely come across a company that wants to make sure that the customer is taken care of. I can say that I will use AvionTEq again. Very professional team. Thanks to all those that have helped return our instruments back in a timely matter. Awesome team!
Madelyn Hatch, Chief Inspector
Eclipse Aerospace Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico

This was my first time dealing with AvionTEq and it was nothing short of perfection. Quick and detailed updates were provided to me throughout the entire repair process. A++ and would do business with again!
Doug Fox
Purchasing Supervisor | Constant Aviation
Cleveland, Ohio

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Airbus Helicopters
USA Air Force
Delta Air Lines
Lufthansa Technik
Bombardier - the evolution of mobility


我们Avion TEq的目标是成为您最信赖的顾问,无时无刻满足甚至超越您的期望。我们出售、购买、出租、租用并接受新的和二手/翻新的航空电子设备和仪器测试设备、仪表板、工具和其他测试系统及配件以旧换新。在提供售前、售中和售后技术支持、培训、维修和校准管理,资产管理和跟踪等大宗服务的同时,我们还提供广泛的飞机航空电子测试设备及坡道和台架测试工具。作为美国联邦航空局(FAA)认证的维修站(CRS # 5AXR435B),我们十分了解客户的需求,我们的质量体系能够满足他们最严苛的需求。无论您是小型航空电子设备维修站还是大型设备维修站、飞机制造商或航空维修设施,Avion Teq都能提供适当的解决方案。我们专业而专注的技术人员随时满足您的飞机测试需求。


请查看 每月特价,我们为全世界的客户提供最实惠的飞机测试设备和工具。


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