ATEQ Aviation Test Equipment

ATEQ Aviation is the global main provider of automated leak testing machines & leak test systems for assembly lines or laboratories. From its standing as the global leader in leak testing technologies for assembly lines, ATEQ has produced a complete selection of industrial quality control equipment which range from electrical testers to pressure and flow calibrators along with pressure and flow calibration services traceable to all global standards. In addition, ATEQ is a producer of automated testing equipment catering to various aircraft models. With the aim of aiding both aviation production and maintenance, ATEQ has created an extensive lineup of products and tailored hardware and software solutions to meet diverse industry needs.


Products Manufactured by ATEQ Aviation

AvionTEq offers refurbished and new Air Data Test Sets, Battery Charger Analyzers, Bonding Meters/Resistance Testers, Leak Testers, Loop Resistance Testers (LRT), Pressure Testers, and Test Equipment for sale or rent from ATEQ Aviation.

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