ATEQ Cobra Avionics Test Equipment


ATEQ is the global main provider of automated leak testing machines & leak test systems for assembly lines or laboratories. From its standing as the global leader in Leak Testing technologies for assembly lines, ATEQ has produced a complete selection of industrial quality control equipment which range from electrical testers to pressure and flow calibrators along with pressure and flow calibration services traceable to all global standards.

ATEQ manufactures Pitot Static tester which can be used on every flying objects which need speed, altitude and vertical speed information, these includes Civil planes, Business planes, Tourism planes, Military planes, Glider, ULM, Helicopters (military or civil), UAV. For Aircraft direct control, Pitot Static testers are employed by workshop in charge of fly decks electricity. The electricity technicians use those testers because they're responsible for all fly deck equipments, especially electrical ones; however some equipment (altimeter, air speed indicators) are linked with Ps and Pt channels.

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ATEQ Pitot static testers for ramp and laboratory

ATEQ pitot static tester range

Products Manufactured by ATEQ

AvionTEq offers refurbished and new Pressure Testers, Pitot Static Adapters, and Pitot Static Testers / Air Data Test Sets for sale or rent from ATEQ.

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