Aviation auction is not the best way to liquidate assets

Current aviation market slowdown and tough economic times has effected aircraft maintenance and repair operations more than any other sector. Outsourcing of aircraft maintenance by many airlines and operators, lack of qualified maintenance technicians and demands to cut maintenance costs are only a few of issues impacting the repair stations today. Many of the FAA certified repair facilities and avionics shops who have been in business for many years are now facing new, serious challenges which is forcing them to look into every possible way to reduce the cost, improve the efficiency and create cash. When it comes to liquidating existing assets to generate more cash, unfortunately many business owners and managers see an aviation auction the only way they could maximize value. However, in most cases they can get most value for their excess equipment and components by working with a company who is specialized in that type of aviation equipment or parts.

Avionteq is specialized in aircraft testing equipment and has extensive knowledge of the products offered including technical specifications, market demand and market values. This enables us to offer the maximum value for the aviation test equipment and tooling you no longer use. You also do not have to deal with the extensive amount of overhead cost and time associated with using an aviation auction house to sell your valued equipment and tooling.

To receive a fair market value offer from AvionTEq today use our Offer to Sell form to provide information, pictures and documents for the aviation equipment you offer for sale. We can finalize the sale and provide you with the cash in matter of days.

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