Multifunction Flightline Test Set

A Flightline Test Set (FLTS) is a portable electronic test equipment used for maintenance, troubleshooting, and calibration of aircraft systems. It is designed to be rugged and able to withstand harsh environments encountered in flightline operations.

Flight line test equipment is versatile and can be configured with a variety of hardware and software options, depending on the specific requirements of the aircraft being tested. FLTS equipment can perform a wide range of tests, including communication checks, power measurements, and system diagnostics.

FLTS equipment is an essential tool for aviation maintenance technicians as it helps to reduce aircraft downtime, ensure safety and reliability of aircraft systems, and minimize costs associated with repairs and replacements. Some examples of FLTS equipment include the Viavi AVX-10K & Laversab ARTS-7000.

Manufacturers of Multifunction Flightline Test Set

At AvionTEq we offer new and refurbished Multifunction Flightline Test Sets for sale or rent and from the major manufacturers such as Viavi / Aeroflex.

Flightline Test Set
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