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Buy, sell, trade-in or rent Flight Data Systems FDS40-0301 (FSD40) Data Transfer Unit.


Avionteq offers both new and refurbished or used Flight Data Systems FSD40 HHMPI Handheld Multipurpose Interface Unit FDR Data Transfer for sale. All refurbished equipment are thoroughly tested and come with our warranty and fresh calibration certificate (when required). You can also sell your excess / surplus Flight Data Systems FSD40 or receive trade-in credit towards purchase of other test equipment.


Flight Data Systems FSD40 Features and Specifications *

The Flight Data Systems FDS40 is a portable unit which supports various memory devices for downloading flight data or cockpit voice data and can transfer via an Ethernet connection to an FTP server for analysis. The unit is designed with four different FDR download options such us: Download All, Download Since last, Download memory mark, Download Time. 


The unit is powered by an aircraft powered recorder (28 VDC), internal battery or USB adapter power. 


  • Wireless transfer of data through a USB Wireless dongle
  • Use the HHMPI Cradle to rapidly charge the internal battery as well as transfer files seamlessly to PC (via USB) or to FTP Server (via Ethernet)
  • Files can be uploaded to a configured and nominated FTP server via web interface
  • Capable of downloading from many different FDR's & CVR's such as L3, Honeywell, Universal & GE
  • Four different FDR download options such as: (1) Download All, (2) Download Since last, (3) Download memory mark, (4) Download Time
  • The HHMPI is CE & FCC certified.
  • Two CVR download options - CVR download All and CVR download Time
  • Live Data can be viewed in Engineering units (as an option), Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal formats at the aircraft
  • Flight data file(s) can be transferred from the Flight recorder onto downloadable storage including; USB key, Compact flash, SD card, Internal memory or use the HHMPI as a mass storage to transfer files via USB cable to a PC Hard drive
  • Ethernet connection to transfer files through a local area network (LAN) as well as configure the HHMPI unit via web interface

Supported Recorders:

  • Honeywell (Allied Signal): SSUFDR SSFDR series, SSCVR, SSCVDR, AR series, LW-CVR, LW-FDR, LW-CVFDR-717, LW-CVFDR-429, HFR5-V, HFR5-D, DVDR.
  • L3 Communications (Fairchild/ Loral): F1000, FA2100, FA2200, FA2300, FA5000, FA5001, uQAR.
  • Lockheed: L209.
  • GE: VADR.
  • Universal: CVFDR, FDR, CVR.
  • Penny & Giles: MPFR, 91005.
  • BASE: MCR 500, SCR 500.

* Flight Data Systems FSD40 technical specifications is provided for reference only. Avionteq cannot ensure accuracy of the technical specifications presented herein. The technical data may not relate entirely to all model and versions of the FSD40 such as the models sold by Avionteq.

Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Van Nuys, CA 91406 USA